Light Advertising
Internal and external lightened, made of metal box, luminescent lighting ,vinyl or Plexiglass

Nonilluminated signs

Nonilluminated signs-signs with banner face,steel and aluminum signs,signs for visual communication

billboards and totems
They can be outside or inside lightened with standard construction of 3x4m, one-sided or two-sided. They can have a unique design in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

signs and stoppers
Signs (notices), standing, on pole made of galvanized sheet iron, spray-painted with metal construction. Larger sizes can be made of vinyl face ,pvc or al.composite materials  and metal construction.

Channel letters

The channel letters , symbols and logos can be lighting and non-lighting.

-the lighting ones can be opened,closed and with back-light

-the non-lighting can be made by plexiglass, PVC, EPS, foam, aluminium, inox, etc...

They are made out of lightened straight or bent glass tubes with different shape and size. The neon elements can be mounted on pads of Plexiglas, inside or behind …………………. From PVC or metal.

Large Format Digital Printing
.-Digital full color print on vinyl ,PVC folio and net, with wide application in making billboards, party-wall, tarpaulin, car or window stickers and others… For the ones who want to be noticed we produce all kinds of visions without limit of the size.Digital and full-colored printing

car lettering
Stickers for automobiles,buses and trucks with inscriptions and photo materials. They are effective moving advertisements for every company.

Vacuum Moldet Series Light Boxes
Vacuum Moldet Series Light Boxes

Pos and pos products

Pos and pos products

Window Lettering

window lettering with PVC  and way vision


Еxhibition Stands
Еxhibition Stands

UV Print
Широкоформатен UV печат на плоскости: плексиглас, еталбонд, коматекс и др.

Light cross.